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Re: M/V Mactan salvaging!

Dear Manong Enteng,

Komento ko lang!

Granted that Calixto Enterprises bought the wreck of sunken vessel M/v Mactan in 1979 from Compania Maritima, why is it that only now Calixto appeared to be as claimant of M/v Mactan after 27 years? Calixto should act on this at that time he bought the vessel and inform immediately our local authority of the antecedence.

This question must be raised against the owner and indict him of culpable negligence resulting from abandonment of property to the territorial waters of Sibale Island.

It is unreasonable for me to take a “missing baby” as an analogy to justify their negligence! I agree with their goal, but the ends do not justify the means.

We're looking for valid reasons to make it more clear for everyone!

Thanks and regards,

Re: Re: M/V Mactan salvaging!

Tutal nasambit na rin lang ang dating administration, nagbigay ba sila ng mayor's permit?
Nagbigay ba ng Mayor's permit ang kasalukuyang administration? Kung wala di dapat sila magsimula ng pagsalvage sa m/v mactan. Ang kasalukuyang Mayor ay walang ginawa.
Alam po ninyo ang mayor ang dapat magprotekta sa kanyang mga kababayan. e, lang ginawa si mayor.
Ang nangyari parang si mayor pa ang lumalabas na abogado ng calixto. Di raw niya alam kung anong isasagot sa mga taga calixto pagpinakitaan siya ng mga original na mga papeles dahil ang ipinakita lang sa kanya ay mga xerox copies. Simple Mayor kung ano ang isasagot mo sa kanila, Ayaw ng mga minamahal kong mga kababayan na ipasalvage ang m/v Mactan. Maraming masisira sa karagatan namin etc.
Kung matatandaan mo ninyo, yong Canadian mining company, na nakauha ng concession para mag mina dyan sa Oriental Mindoro, despite having all the necessary documents para magmina ay di makapagsimula dahil ayaw ng mga tao.
Mayor ihalintulad na lang natin yan sa anak mong Babae, na gustong pakasalan isang mayamang lalaki, e ayw na ayaw naman ng iyong anak. e, dahil mapera gustong gusto naman ng mo dahil binibigyan ka ng pera
ni lalaki. Ang nangyari lang nagawa si babae pinilit ng ama.
e, kung talagang me natanggap si Mayor from calixto, pano siya pipigilan ang calixto para i-salvage ang m/v mactan.

Mayor napakababaw ng iyong mga Dahilan.

Re: Re: Re: M/V Mactan salvaging!

Ado ganiy inggwa pa't dahilan, ay katong puno it bidoso nak century old oak tree sa bidoos ay nautoy it waya magandang dahilan and take note:
NO PERMIT issued.

malargoy, mapabagatawo pa.

Re: M/V Mactan salvaging!

Glad to hear that it was just an oil leak, that it cause no risk to the environment. However, should the blasting continued and all the oil tanks were broken, a possible bigger oil leak/spill occured. Guess, more oil are still inside those tanks.
Just want to ask if the calixto ent. has a structural plan of the wrecked ship? By this we can determine if more oil are still inside those tanks. This could be one reason to prevent them from salvaging m/v mactan.

Ca, U.S.A.