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From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Greetings to my kasimanwas!!!

One of my priorities in my administration is looking for ways how to address the perrennial problem of water the distribution in Sibale, most especially in the Town Proper. In fairness to the previous administration, some improvements were already undertaken like; the laying of pipeline connection covering almost the entire lowland area of Poblacion, the installation of around 80 pieces of water meters. The problems they faced before are: insufficient supply of water for delivery to consumers and failure to implement the meter-based consumption.

In Poblacion water distribution system, two separate pipeline connection are put in place. One connection is for the supply of drinking water. The source of water is extracted from groundwater by way of surface pump. The extracted water is then transferred to a reservoir where it is released daily every 7:00a.m. The reservoir is somewhat located at a much higher elevation, thus by way of gravity it could easily reach all the households which have pipeline connections.

When I assumed office, I instructed the Water Maintenance Team to look for some innovations on how to increase the volume or supply of water for distribution. What they did: aside from transfering the water to the reservoir, they contrived and fabricated g.i fittings and attached it at the main distribution pipeline. Thus, when the pump is on, extracted water is supplied directly to the main distribution pipe. There are times that they did simultaneous release of water; one from the reservoir and the other from direct pumping supplying the same distribution pipe, thus increased volume and pressure are always maintained. These innovation minimized fewer people bringing their containers and lining up in some strategically placed faucets.

Another reservoir which was already in place when i assumed is located in sitio Tinago(Happy Valley). Its location is more higher than the other reservoir. Before, each reservoirs has its own separate pipeline connection and its intended to serve one particular area. What we did, we joined the connection as one. From the Happy Valley reservoir, the pipeline connection was stretched up to the area in sitio Punta where the pipeline connection from the other reservoir meet. There, the two pipeline connections were joined, thus creating a loop. The result: simultaneous release of water can be done coming from three different sources: from 2 reservoirs and the other by way of direct pumping. When it was done the first time, high pressure of water bursted some pipeline connections.

By the way, the source of drinking water is located in sitio Suyor very near the Tinigban Falls. It is installed with 1 1/2 hp waterpump, relying mainly from NAPOCOR for its power requirements. There is a standby generator in the place, but it is not working when i assumed. The generator has two purpose: to supply electricity for the Municipal Bldg. and Municipal Health Center and to supply electricity for the waterpump. It has been unattended before, but now it was fixed already, thus the Municipal Building has its ceiling fans, computers etc. working already.

Last September 1 2007, I implemented the meter-based consumption already. The result, consumers are forced to get water for drinking purpose only. Unlike before that there were so many wasteful consumption of waters. By October, it is expected that installation of water meters from sitio Tunga to Punta will be finished. If done already, the revenue to be generated from waterworks will help a lot in stabilizing the ailing financial condition of our beloved municipality.

Another pipeline connections come from spring waters: Ilada Creek, Amantaw, Hamtik and Binaroto. Water coming from these sources are used for laundry, bathing etc. Each has its own separate connections. Imagine, four sources of water having its own pipeline distribution lying side by side in the entire stretch of Poblacion! What the Water Maintenance did was: the four sources of water were joined in one pipeline distribution network. The displaced g.i pipes were then used as electrical posts for secondary electrical wire connections. Separate discussion for Sibale Electric System will be posted!

The springwaters deliver its best when the rain is plenty, but after few days the sources almost dried up. This i think should the environmentalists should focus their concern. Remember, when i posted a couple years ago about Ilada Creek? Few people took notice of it! The creek is slowly dying because of the concrete structure that choke the headwater/water source! If the same degree of concern by those raving critics were focused in preserving Ilada Creek, the same they did and still doing about the salvaging of M/V Mactan,then.......!!!!!! my cp-09053246776

Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Video: The source of drinking water located in sitio Suyor near the Tinigban Falls

Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Dear Mayor,

Thanks for the information and water development dyan sa bayan. Gusto lang naming malaman kung ang water system sa Barangay Masudsud ay gumagana pa? if not, sana naman magawan mo ng paraan maayos, sayang naman ang mga tinulong namin para sa tao ng masudsud kung di maayos.

Dapat siguro di lang tayo umaasa sa groundwater natin, dapat matuto din tayo sa nangyayari sa bulacan which is saltwater na ang nakukuha nila at bumababa pa ang lupa nila, ayaw naman nating mangyari yan sa atin bayan diba? Kailangan natin maibalik ang mga sapa natin na kahit summer ay may tubig, siguro balik muna tayo sa basic, which is ang pagtatanim ng mga puno at kawayan sa gilid ng sapa, but it will not prosper kung wala tayong batas na gagawin,
suggestion ko lang na kung pwede ay idiklarang protected area ang 5 meters mula sa gilid ng sapa at dun tayo magsimulang magtanim. maganda rin siguro matanim din tayo ng mga puno sa tabi ng mga kalsada.


Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Estimado Ralph,

Make it 10 meters or more.



Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Hello Ralph,

Si Manong Enteng Fadri kali. Ang Masudsud Waterworks ay working very well. Hindi nasayang ka inro bulig, sa klaro yang pagkaramo ka nakinabang it inro bulig. Ako bilang Chairamn it Masudsud Waterworks ay ginagawa ko ang lahat para ang tubig ay makarating sa mga kabahayan kahit ito ay nasa bundok pa. Katunayan, ang sitio Banilad ay malaki na ang pakinabang sa Masudsud Waterworks. Halos kalahati ng distansya ay nabawasan sa pag-igib ng tubig. Hindi lang naman ikaw ang tumulong sa Masudsud Waterworks, nandyan ang mga Rafols Family, Fallarme Family, Fradejas Family, Sartillo Family, Atillano Family. Pero ang malaki ang naitulong sa Masudsud Waterworks ay si Mayor Boyet at Dra. Babeth Cipriano. Nagawa nyang tumulong kahit wala pa sya sa pwesto. Kailangan namin ay pondo para pambili ng water meters. Salamat toto sa concerned mo.

Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Dear M. Enting,

It's a good news, na patuloy na nakikinabang ang mga taga masudsud dyan sa water system, yun lang naman ang nais nating malaman, nothing more, and patuloy naman akong susuporta sa ikaando ng barangay masudsud para sa ating lahat yan na taga masudsud. sorry kung may mali sa word na ginamit.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!


Salamat sa inro bulig ni Merwin sa Masudsud Waterworks. Uya ra namo gi limti ka inro bulig. Maramong salamat gihapon kang Benjie Fajilago, sida ay nagparaya it usang rolyong pe.e hose. Ag rako nakong pasalamat kang nawalang Benjie Fetalino, sa ida bank account ni rayan kag mga kwartang naibulig sa Masudsud Waterworks. Usa pa si Benjie Fetalino it nag-asikaso sa pamaraka it mga gamit sa ato patubi. Pagkarako ka ida naging bulig. Toto, regards sa lahat

Manong Enteng

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk.....Waterworks!

Dear M. Enting

Rahali yang kami nak hanra magbulig sa masudsud,