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From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

Greetings to my kasimanwas.....

...continuation..... posted earlier, the previous council passed Resolution No. 2007-17...'to offer for sale the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan located at Barangay Masadya'

...the present local council passed Resolution No. 2007-24 entitled "Resolution Revoking Resolution No.2007-17 of the Sangguniang Bayan authorizing the Chief Executive to offer for sale the sunken ship M/V Mactan located at the coast of Barangay Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon"

...Resolution No.2007-24 was submitted to the Office of the Mayor for approval, but i refused to sign the subject Resolution, the reason why, it is embodied in the letter addressed to the Presiding Officer...

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Romblon
Municipality of Concepcion

Hon. Felipe Ferriol
Municipal Vice-Mayor and
Presiding Officer
LGU-Concepcion, Romblon

July 12, 2007

The Honorable Presiding Officer,

For my approval and signature is Resolution No.2007-24 entitled "Resolution Revoking Resolution No.2007-17 of the Sangguniang Bayan authorizing the Chief Executive to Offer for Sale the Sunken ship M/V Mactan located at the coast of Barangay Masudsud, Concepcion, Romblon", authored by Hon. Vidal Ferrancullo.

In the meantime, I will hold in abeyance my approval and signature until some clarification be made, among others; the specific location of the sunken wreck.

-Resolution No.2007-17 issued by the previous council states that the location of the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan is in Barangay Masadya;

-Resolution No.2007-24 issued by the present council states that the location of the sunken wreck is in Barangay Masudsud;

In order for the proponent to get the specific location, it is suggested that he sourced his information from concerned government agency, most likely the Phil. Coast Guard.

The purpose of sending back Resolution No.2007-24 to its original office is to correct material point: the exact location of the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan and does not in any manner to delay its approval.

Respectfully yours,

Municipal Mayor, September 17, 2007 I attended the Technical Conference called up by the Office of the Regional Director- Environmental Management Bureau,Region IV MIMAROPA 2:00 p.m 6th Floor L & S Building, Roxas Blvd. Ermita, Manila. The Brgy. Captains of Masudsud and Masadya were also invited. Only Brgy. Capt. Lourdes Fadri attended. Others who attended are: Representatives from the Phil. Coast Guard, National Disaster Coordinating Council, Office of the Civil Defense, DENR-Romblon, DOH, BFAR-4B Romblon, Office of the Governor and reps. from Calixto Enterprises. The discussion was focused on the oil spill in Sibale. the end of the day, experts concluded that there was no oil spill, what happened was 'oil leaked incident' coming the fuel tank and engine of M/V Mactan....oil spill connotes severe environmental damage as what happened to Guimaras....that reports coming from local experts in Sibale about the 'oil spill/oil leaked' were exaggerrated!...

Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

Dear Mayor,

as per your latter below about the Technical Conference that you attended and you've said the the focus of the conference is on Oils spills, It's means that the Salvaging of M/V Mactan will continue soon?
Please clarify.


Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

Dear Ralph,

The issue whether salvaging operation will continue was not adequately explained in the Technical Conference. Seems the Phil. Coast Guard and the DENR are having a hard time deciding on the matter of continuation of salvage operation. Phil. Coast Guard says that they will charge Calixto Enterprise for not reporting the oil spill/oil leak immediately to their office.But as far as the Office of the Mayor is concerned, I am insisting on the submission of Environmental Compliance Certificate which the Environmental Management Bureau(EMB)-DENR has jurisdiction before the Mayor's Permit will be issued.

Mayor Boyet

Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

So does it mean upon submission of this what you called an ECC,mayor's permit will be automatically granted?After all what this ARROGANT calixto team have done and despite all the rejections from sibalenhon people?Does it mean our mayor didn't even lobby for the TOTAL CANCELLATION of the salvaging???ANO BA TALAGA MERON DITO SA CALIXTO ENT. nato?As I observe,with the way the mayor is profounding his statements towards the incident and to the salvaging team,it seems he is very cautious and DEFENSIVE?


Re: Re: Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

Dear Mayor,

Thanks for your answer, but your answer create more question for you which people of sibale wanted to know your side,

1. If ever the resumption of salvaging will go on.
What is your plan? Are you againts the salvaging of M/V Mactan or not?
How about if they able to get the ECC from the DENR will you give and signed Mayor's Permit in favor of the Calixto Ent.?

I believe that your honest and clear explaination can unite again the People of Sibale.

and for those Sibalenhon who wanted to ask question to our Mayor may I request to show your Name for us to make this forum reasonable.

again, I am againts the Salvaging of M/v Mactan,

Sibale for God & for the People.

Thanks & Regards to all Sibalenhon.

Re: From the Mayor's Desk---M/V Mactan - Chapter V

Dear Honorable Mayor:

Good day to you!

It seems there is a game of words in the said meeting!

Albeit, either it is “oil spilling” or “oil leaking”, the salvaging of M/v Mactan still poses threat to our environment, to our coral reef system and to the marine lives; and, of course, its long effect to the livelihood and health of the people of Brgy. Masadya and Masudsud in case of any oil leaking or spilling incidents as already happened. Thus, I am against the salvaging of M/v Mactan.

Since Calixto was already stopped in their salvaging operation of M/v Mactan, my queries that require your kind attention are as follows:

Question No. 1 - What is now the action plan of our Honorable Mayor to be taken against Calixto, and to completely stop them because they might come back later on to resume their operation for they are claiming they are the rightful owner of M/v Mactan?

Question No. 2 - What is now the action plan of our Honorable Mayor to be taken pertaining to the area where the wreck of the sunken ferry M/v Mactan lied for many years as we all know that the area is a fish sanctuary and a diving site?

Please provide us your clear answer (not clever answer) for each question I raised above of your action plan, hoping it may shed light to the issues baffling in the mind of our beloved Kasimanuas. We trust and pray for wisdom that your response may resort to close issues that prompted your leadership’s integrity once and for all.

Best regards,

Merwin F. Mosquera