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From the Mayor's Desk--M/V Mactan Chapter IV

Greetings to all! continuation to my previous postings....

Last July 23, 2007, I was invited in Barangay Masadya in celebration of their Barangay Nutrition Week. After i finished my talk in that gathering, I was invited by the group of Fisherfolks which is being organized by Municipal Agriculture Officer(MAO). I told them about the possibility that the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan will be refloated or salvaged. I asked them, "are you willing to spend your time guarding the site as it will serve as piece of resistance just in case the salvage team arrives?" But they complained that their daily task of looking for a living will be affected, thus they seemed resigned to the fact that the sunken wreck of M/V Mactan will be salvaged..I also asked the MAO why the site of the sunken wreck was not included as Fish Sanctuary Area as declared by BFAR when in fact there is a Fish Sanctuary in the nearby area. The distance between the site of the sunken wreck and the declared Fish Sanctuary is more or less 700 meters.

On the first week of August, the Application Letter of Calixto Enterprise for Mayor's Permit arrives. As i read the Letter and examined the attachments, i discovered that they were all photocopied documents. To my mind, i have my reasons to deny the issuance of Mayor's Permit, i could simply insist on the submission of the original documents. But the problem is, what if Calixto Enterprise submits the originals, in such case, I have no more reason to deny the issuance of the Mayor's Permit.

So executive decision must now be exercised with caution and prudence. The Calixto Ent. have a Salvage Permit issued by the Philippine Coast Guard. The Permit says: "is authorized to salvaged/scrap the wreck of M/V Mactan located at Brgy. Masudsud, Concepcion, Maestre de Campo, Romblon. A Permit to Transport and Use of Explosives/Explosives Ingredients issued by Firearms and Explosives Division, Camp Crame, Quezon City. The Permit states: "For blasting the sunken vessel at Brgy. Masudsud, Concepcion, Maestre de Campo, Romblon"

From to time to time, I reminded the local council to think of ways to prevent the salvaging of M/V Mactan. Every Monday, there is a compulsary attendance of all municipal employees for the Flag Ceremony where the Mayor usually says his piece. In one occassion like this, i broke the sad news that it seems the salvaging of m/v mactan is indeed forthcoming.

I as i contemplated on this critical issue, one time that i was in Manila, i surfed the WebForum and revisited once again the earlier posting of M/V Mactan. I read the post of Engr. Rogel Fornal where he mentioned about the issue of Environmental Compliance Certificate(ECC) to be issued by the DENR. Having in mind the ECC, during the seminar sponsored by NEDA-MIMAROPA Region-IV-B aand attended by all Mayors from Mindoro, Mariduque, Romblon and Palawan, the Regional Directors of line agencies met with us. In this occassion, i have an opportunity to talk with the Regional Director of DENR. I presented to him the situation of M/V Mactan and asked him if ECC is needed in salvage operation, and he answered in the positive. Yes, ECC is required before the issuance of Mayor's Permit! Thanks to the input of Engr.Rogel Fornal and as validated by the Regional Director himself. Thus, i have two weapons in my disposal; require Calixto Ent. to submit the original documents which they could easily do and the submission of ECC Permit which Calixto could have a hard time in doing so.....i post my letter about this matter next time..tnx

Re: From the Mayor's Desk--M/V Mactan Chapter IV

i understand what the good mayor feels about the whole incident regarding the salvation of m/v mactan notwithstanding the series of criticisms he's been going through,but he can't blame us if the burden of blame is given unto him.I think for this issue to fade on and for us sibalenhons to move on,our local officials should have the balls and guts to accept full responsibility for what happened-COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY.Its very simple to say"I'M SORRY!IT'S A LAPSE ON MY JUDGEMENT!I DID EVERYTHING BUT CALIXTO ENT.IS MORE POWERFUL AND AUTHORITATIVE THAN US!

mganda kaling naiisip nak proyektong tree planting ag akoy very willing nak magsuporta.Pero kailangan siguro magkaingga anay kita it usang credible nak organisasyon para imaw it mapatigayon it kaling proyekto.

maadong adlaw sa tanan

Re: From the Mayor's Desk--M/V Mactan Chapter IV

Dear Boyet,

Kag imo kale Manang Del.

We are following concerns of the salvaging of M/V Mactan issues.

Please give us more enlightenment. Please make sure that you have also written explanatios that you can give to the locals. It is very important that they know your side as some peoples are already using this issue against your political career.

I hope Sibalenhons will be united this time to help you, so that you can execute your projects with the help of the elected congressman, governor and NGOs.

We are praying for all of you.

Please let us know of how we can help. CLEAR Foundation/Romblon Foundation will try to help to "make a difference".

Former Congressman Firmalo wishes all of you good health and well-being and his sincere thanks for the support and help during the last election.

Please extend my sincere regards to all the wonderful and hospitable peoples in Sibale who made my stay last May 2007 a memorable one.

Please e-mail me privately.

God bless.

Delia Saluba Famatigan, M.H.P.
Chicago, U.S.A.

Re: From the Mayor's Desk--M/V Mactan Chapter IV

ing tule kanang inro miyur asi nganing kinat inru ing butu yating pay tuli mukhang kwarta!!!