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Welcome to our Sibalenhon Web Forum and feel free to share your views/outlooks for the development of our beloved island Sibale!

Maliy kamo, kita'y mag-kamustahan ag mag suyat it ato mga pananaw at kuro-koro, subaleng usa kina sa parayan adong lalung mapaganda pa nato ka ato pinalanggang banwa!



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Infrastructure of Guatemala

Guatemala's Logistics Performance Index is 2.8. This indicates satisfactory operation - in general, traffic is well served, failures may occur in certain areas, but overall the logistics system operates reliably and is ready to handle predictable volumes of traffic.

Customs indicators are estimated at 2.75. This indicates satisfactory performance - the customs clearance procedure is generally efficient, although lengthy times can sometimes be a problem; the customs system, of course, does not interfere with international business activity; The required documents and fees are usually publicly available.

The quality of infrastructure in Guatemala is rated at 2.54. This indicates satisfactory quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are able to withstand significant cargo flows at any time, and are also suitable for various types of vehicles and ships.

Quality of international transportation 2.87. This indicates satisfactory performance: services are adequate, prices are not too high, and quality is usually accurate, although there is still room for improvement.

The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 2.68. Providers are competent - they provide good quality of their services, maintaining this level almost always; deficiencies, although possible, are usually minor and do not impede the continued employment of suppliers.

Item tracking capabilities are rated at 2.68. This indicates satisfactory operation - tracking systems provide all basic information, as well as additional data about shipments; in most cases it also has well-established cooperation with foreign and international tracking systems and usually provides information in several languages.

Item tracking capabilities are rated at 3.24. This indicates satisfactory performance: most goods are delivered on time and within the planned time frame; Lateness is still possible, although rare.

In Guatemala, 78.5% of the population has access to electricity. Guatemala has 291 airports throughout the country. There are 357,552 Internet hosts in Guatemala. The number of road vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Guatemala is 5.

Road network
The total length of roads in Guatemala is 11,501 km (7,148 mi). Of these, 127 km (79 mi) of roads are classified as motorways, motorways or autobahns.

Gas price
On average, you will pay US$1.01 for a liter of gasoline in Guatemala. One liter of diesel fuel will cost $0.64.