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Running scripts on Bravenet sites

All, I'm a Tableau developer who registered a domain to publish my Tableau projects.

I've also scripted a couple of web apps. The data science was done in R, and I need to translate them to python to make a decent web app.

I have a Bravenet account - I made a personal website two decades ago in junior high using Bravenet. - as well as a word press account. I've noticed that with WordPress, what I want to do - even the most basic elements of it - would require the Business membership.

I'm thinking of migrating everything over to Bravenet, but I need to make sure I can get the right package. Since this project is very Beta right now, so I don't want to break the bank with a top-line pro membership just yet.

What plan would I need in order to (in order of need):
1. Upload HTML Tableau scripts, and still maintain interactivity?
2. Design a user interface for raw inputs into a Python script that runs a Monte Carlo simulation based on 3-4 data distributions.

And then eventually:
1. program an optimization function, running a linear program retrieving data from a relational database based on certain parameter inputs. (This is the long term goal, and will allow users to input data into the database and return optimal queries based on a proprietary machine learning model. I fell like this one is still la year away).