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Transfer to Bravenet

I've done all the procedures for transferring a new domain from GoDaddy to Bravenet and got an email from GoDaddy saying they have received the request for name server change. The last time I did this it all went smoothly.

This time, when I tried to pay Bravenet the transfer fee, PayPal sent a message saying Bravenet has cancelled the transaction. Why? GoDaddy seems happy with the transfer and the domain name is listed in Bravenet as 'Pending'.

Is it just a matter of timing? If so, how long should I wait before getting the new domain into Bravenet and up and running?



Re: Transfer to Bravenet

I've done every one of the systems for exchanging another area from GoDaddy to Bravenet and Cheap Paper Writing Service got an email from GoDaddy saying they have gotten the demand for name server change. The last time I did this everything went easily.

Re: Transfer to Bravenet

Due to problems with my FrontPage software I have built a new site domain with Wix. To use this Wix domain I need to update the Name Server settings for to:



Can you help with this please?

Re: Transfer to Bravenet

A whois query suggests that you have got it sorted. You may have had a short term access issue if your ISP was slow in updating their DNS records.

When moving sites it is advisable to keep the old site open in parallel for a week to allow the new DNS record to propagate. This is done by ISPs in their own time. When I first ran a site some only updated every few days but now most (but not necessarily all) should be there within 24 hours.