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2 weeks down and now what

I have been trying to get this site back going for 2 weeks and still offline.
I have 3 or 4 support tickets and no answers

All I can get is:
Three days of this is just wrong
Unconfigured Site

No match was found. Domain is not configured. If you are seeing this and did configure, or start using this domain for a website, please check back as it may take a few hours to become fully active as domains take time to propagate.

Re: 2 weeks down and now what

All support tickets get acknowledged. If you have had not response at all then there is a problem at your end. If this happens then you need to check your ticket on line.

This isn't specific to Bravenet, the bit 3 webmail companies all have a bad reputation for not delivering support ticket responses from any company.

Re: 2 weeks down and now what

I have the same issue. Is there a phone number for braveness. I need to talk directly to someone.

Re: 2 weeks down and now what

I can't remember it off hand but last time I checked it wasn't ex-directory. Phone books for British Columbia are available on line.