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Hi: I am not getting emails to let me know of domain renewal. I get emails from there newsletter. Any help will be appreciated thanks Clayton Mason.

Re: Email

The registered address for your domain is your account. Is that where the newsletters go?

Yahoo together with Hotmail, Gmail and AOL have a bad reputation for not delivering some automatially generated emails. I don't mean just treating them as spam, I mean not even trying to deliver to the spam folder. The best that I can suggest is to tray a different email provider. I switched to one with far less aggressive filtering for that very reason.

Yahoo are the ones who failed to deliver the notifications about the withdrawal of the free Bravehost service. Bravenet don't always get things right but they had a lot of undeserved abuse about that.

Re: Email

Hi: The reason I sent this email, was I could not get my site to come up on the internet this morning. I received a response that I did not renew my account. I believe my account is good till 2017. An old email that is not used anymore came through, I found that a little strange. Yes I use account and others. Looks like yahoo mixed up things. I was concerned I could get newsletters which I want but not renewal emails. I did not think I was being abusive just trying to get to the bottom of this situation with less words than needed. Let me know what email you are using to mail me and maybe I need to change it. You can use the email on my response.

P.S I wasn't trying to offend.

Thanks Clayton Mason