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301 Redirects

I transferred a domain name from Weebly. I had my site there but when I moved the site to bravenet, I rearranged and completely re-designed the site. The pages from the Weebly site and my new site are completely different. I moved the site to Bravenet because of the limitations of Weebly. Now, I have a whole website URL's from Weebly that are leading to 404 pages. I am trying to set up 301 redirects from each page of the Weebly site to land on my home page here at Bravenet.

Weebly only allows you to 301 redirect from another site TO THEIR SITE, but not the other way around. I cannot find any information on bravenet's wiki about how to 301 redirect my pages from Weebly to my home page.

can someone please help me. It is embarrassing to have SOOOOO many 404 pages when I offer web design services through my job. Thank you for your time.
` Holley

Re: 301 Redirects

The problem as you describe is entirely at the Weebly end and isn't something that Bravenet could help with.

I was faced with a similar issue recently when my ISP dropped their free hosting service and the photo site that I had there had to be moved. They didn't give any option to create redirects so I just created a page that notified the change and used javascript to reload with the new site after 5 seconds. Google coped with this and everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly without too much effect on rankings or traffic.

Re: 301 Redirects

Thank you so very much. At least now, I know which company to reach out to help me with this issue. Your time is appreciated.
~ Holley

Re: 301 Redirects


Can someone please help me? I'm trying to move my plumbing site to a 301 redirect from Weebly to Wix and I need to purchase a new domain name as well. I'm honestly not entirely sure where to start!


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