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Domain name

I purchased the domain name but when I try to locate it I seem to have to look up How do I get my original domain name registered.

Re: Domain name

Are you paying for professional level hosting or have you just paid the registration fee for a domain?

Re: Domain name

I have just purchased the basic feature which allows you to create a website using the developed web pages.

Re: Domain name

As I can see adverts on your site it sounds as if you have just paid the $12.95 registration fee for a domain.

You can use that domain with a site hosted elsewhere but if you want to use it with a Bravehost or Bravesites website you have to buy the full Pro hosting package ($99)

It is a common practice among webmasters to mix and match services from different providers - in fact some consider it good practice to have domain registration and hosting handled by different companies. Also webmasters often use free hosting services to try out features before committing to a contract. So Bravenet will see nothing odd in your having a registered domain and free hosting.

Re: Domain name

Thanks Peter, I appreciate your assistance.