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Domain suffix

Hi, Could someone please explain why my website has the suffix in it? I do not have it selected as my primary site. When I do searches on Google my site comes up normal without the, but when I do a search on Bing or Yahoo the is in the suffix of the domain name. Any suggestions on how to remove it from appearing? Example of page is If you search the words, st bernard airblown inflatable, on google the site appears on page 2 as When you do the same search on Bing or Yahoo it appears on page 2 as Thanks.

Re: Domain suffix

That is down to the way the site has been set up and the domain name attached to it.

At a guess you started working on the site first and then linked the domain name to it. You need to raise a support ticket.

Re: Domain suffix

I did put in a support ticket. This is their reply. "Sorry, we have no control over what Google or Bing displays. You will need to contact their support department directly for assistance." I wasn't exactly expecting a response like that. I believe it is a Bravesites issue and not Bing. This is why I posted my question here. I thought I might have better luck. Thanks.

Re: Domain suffix

I have a similar issue with a different hosting provider.

It is down to how the actual account is set up. The site is initially established on a sub domain and then a full domain name is linked to it. The site is accessible through both names.

There are ways to ensure that one of the names is "canonical" but I would have to look up the details. Bravesites (and also the provider on my site) simply doesn't give you the required level of access. As I said before I think you set up the site first and then bought the domain as that is the most likely cause of the duplication (at least it was for me).

Bravenet's explanation was true but, in my view, insufficient. You would have sufficient control to fix things yourself if you were using Bravehost.

Re: Domain suffix

Thank you for your input, Peter. Do you think if I were to delete the entire site and start over that it would resolve itself? Thanks.

Re: Domain suffix

I have moved on from most Bravenet services over the years and I don't know enough about the Bravesites package to give step by step instructions. You would need to raise a support ticket.