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Can't install wordpress on this URL

I have an existing wordpress website on a different URL and a different server. The URL was transferred here by the registrar and now I would like to transfer my website on this URL. I went to Domain and it says my domain is pending, how long does it take to become 'active'.
I clicked on URL then Intall Manager to install Wordpress. Is that the right way to do it since I am not seeing anything when I go to the URL.

Can you please suggest the best method to transfer a WP website to bravenet and to this domain - broncosinks

Thank you

Re: Can't install wordpress on this URL

Domain name and hosting are two different things. There is no obligation to have both with the same company, in fact some authorities advise against it (I am agnostic on the matter).

At the moment I am getting the impression that you have a contract for a domain name and are trying to upload to Bravehost, which requires a separate contract.

Be clear what you want to do - have both services at Bravenet or point a Bravenet managed domain name to a site hosted elsewhere. If you want hosting you will need to register for Bravehost FTP hosting, the free Bravesites service doesn't cover what you want.

If you have problems with either option I would suggest going direct to a Bravenet tech through the support ticket system.