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domain name

I purchased a domain and haven't set up anything and don't want to pay for it again.. I've rec'vd notices about to expire... my question.. if I let it go ahead and expire and decide later to use a different company to register with ( I able to use that same name or ?? thank you

Re: domain name

It may be, but it is impossible to know beforehand.

When the domain first expires, you will be able to renew it at the same price (only you) for 36 days. After that, it enters a redemption period, where again you are still the only person that can renew it, but to do so you must pay a much higher fee to the registry to restore it. After while in a redemption period (varies by domain and registrar) or so, it will be cleared and deleted fully, rendering the domain once again registerable by any individual.

It is possible for you to renew the domain during the 36 day grace and the redemption periods, and after the domain expires you can renew it again if nobody else registers it.

As soon as the domain is deleted from redemption and cleared, ANYBODY can register it again. This is why there is both a month long grace period AND a redemption period that allows the original owner to recover the domain; if they do not recover it during these periods, and someone else acquires the domain, there is nothing that can be done whatsoever and it is subsequently owned by the new registrant at that point.