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Website Bandwidth attacks

I have a support ticket in but Bravenet shut my site off a second time though I pay for unlimited bandwidth and pre paid for 5 years which does not expire until May 2016. This is due to an issue with one of my domains for unknown reason having bandwidth taken from various Amazon EC2 IP numbers. I contacted Amazon about the abuse and bravenet about blocking the Amazon EC2 account/accounts from accessing my parkersspace domain two weeks ago. Amazon EC2 said they would help and bravenet turned back on my websites around March 17th. On March 24th the attacks from the same place but different IP's started again and bravenet shut all my domains even though only one has the issue and as I have unlimited bandwidth. I'd like them going, especially my business domains that aren't an issue here. I have done all I can with the help of my IT people.

I have now added an .htaccess file today which blocks
Amazon ec2, and all the individual IP's that accessed the page again and asked that bravenet turn the page back on and sent a new list to Amazon EC2 of the new offending IP's. I don't see what more I can do but apparently bravenet can be of no assistance and has not set my websites to working again.

All my domains are off though you can see the only one being abused by this unknown attack is, per a copy and paste the only one with a large bandwidth draw was What more can I do to get these active again? I have paid for a 5 year contract that doesnt' expire until May 2016 and I have a running support ticket that didn't address getting them going again or the fact I should have unlimited bandwidth. Is there a phone number or something else I can do?

" Standard 651.9 GB 2.8 GB Standard 0 Bytes 426.7 MB Standard 5.9 MB 100 MB Standard 20.4 MB 37.6 MB Standard 100.8 MB 200.1 MB Standard 3.7 MB 47 MB Standard 9.4 MB 9.5 MB Standard 0 Bytes 134.6 MB Standard 442.1 KB 233.7 KB Standard 3.2 MB 988.7 KB Standard 419.1 KB 6.5 MB Standard 0 Bytes 1.9 KB


Re: Website Bandwidth attacks

I am able to access your sites without problem (from UK), if you still have problems there is a good chance that you have accidentally blocked your own IP address. This is always a risk if you try and block an IP address issued by your own ISP.

The IP blocking tool in Bravenet works at the account level so a blocked address will not access any site or webtool registered under that account.

Attacks normally come from botnets so simple IP blocking is unlikely to be effective.

If you need to discuss the strategies used for protecting your site you will need to contact Bravenet direct with a support ticket.

Re: Website Bandwidth attacks

Thanks for the reply, they do have my accounts pages working again and I had a separate simultaneous issue from the ISP I was connected to yesterday. So they are working and bravenet has made sure they are on for me. I will have to keep my eyes open and have sent a new list of IP's to Amazon EC2 when I discovered them drawing bandwidth again from my site. Amazon tells me that I am contacting the correct department and they will do what they can. It's fascinating anyone is bothering with a blog type account that holds no login or information for people and it appears to be from one place as all the IP's are one city. Hopefully it gets resolved and thank you again for taking the time to check it for me.

Re: Website Bandwidth attacks

and it appears to be from one place as all the IP's are one city

While many US IP addresses are localised that isn't universal. The location may just be where the server connects to the public network.