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Lost Website

I started helping a friend with her website the other day. I'd login to her account, go to Site Builder and then Edit her site. Everything was going along smoothly. Suddenly, I noticed that I could no longer Edit her site. FF and Chrome report "Web Page Not Available" or "Server Not Found". However, her unfinished site shows up in a browser, if I go to:

But, as I mentioned, I have no way to edit the above url.

She has two domains:

These domains are uneditable, as well.

Also, under the domains area in Site Builder, there's an option to set primary domain from to We do NOT want to do this.

Quite frankly, I am utterly lost. What happened? How can I repair this? I would appreciate ANY help. Thank you.

Re: Lost Website

Does your friend experience the problem on her own machine?

If she doesn't then it's probably down to a slow connection from your ISP timing out.

If you both do then it might be a temporary glitch. If it persists for more than, say, 30 minutes, then she (as owner) needs to raise a support ticket.

Re: Lost Website

Hi Peter. Thanks for your reply. I **think** that we **may** have figured out why we're locked out of editing the website.

Earlier today, before I posted my question, I read a post stating that a domain must have an email address associated with it or it will be suspended. I brushed it off, because her domain transferred months ago and why would we be allowed to edit a site and then be frozen?

Although, after posting my question here, we noticed a few support tickets on the bottom right corner of the Dashboard. One ticket was about this exact email issue. Apparently, the email address registered to my friend's domain was not her email address. It was the email address of a previous web builder. We simply updated the registered email address to my friend’s email address (Domains/Manage Domain Contacts/Contact Name). She received a new email at her email address and simply clicked a link to confirm.

By the way, we are still not certain if this will solve our issue. It take 24 – 72 hours. If it resolves the issue, I’ll post a follow-up.

I hope this helps anyone having this issue.

Re: Lost Website

This's simply a follow-up to say that setting the registrant contact email address worked. The site is now editable.