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Transfer expired/expiring domains to myself

I have a number of domains in Bravenet that were registered in a friend's name and some have expired, and others about to expire. I would like to transfer all to my name. I registered my own account and tried to transfer without luck. It appears I need some special procedure.

Re: Transfer expired/expiring domains to myself

The instructions in the wiki are for transferring domains that you own between registrars.

Depending on how long the domains have to run to expiry the existing owner may need to renew them first and then transfer them into your name. Raise a support ticket for instructions on the Bravenet side.

There are companies that snap up expired domains so that they can sell them back to careless owners who forgot to renew on time so don't hang about.

Re: Transfer expired/expiring domains to myself

Your best bet is to open a support ticket with us at, detailing all of the domains you wish to acquire access to.

From there, we can advice on what steps will need to be taken for each.

Do note that if they are registered in another individuals name, permission will have to be granted explicitly by that individual for the transfers to occur. Those domain names which have already expired will most likely have to be renewed by the current registrant before they can be transferred, as well.