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2 domains pointing to one website, diff errors

I am sure this has been mentioned somewhere but I have searched and can't find it! I have two domains (well 3 with the initial free one from Bravenet) and I have done everything I think I am 'supposed' to do (on both Bravenet and the domain registrar)(the owner of the domain doesn't want to transfer).
I know I need to wait up to 72 hours for propagation but my question is that when I go to it just says that it can't find the page but when I go to the same but .ca it tell me the domain is not configured. I can ping .ca and get an IP address but when I ping .com, I don't get anything back.
Why the two different responses? Is this normal?
Thanks so much and I apologize if this has been discussed to death!!

Re: 2 domains pointing to one website, diff errors

One domain is ultimately registered in the USA and the other in Canada. Its quite likely that you ISP will update US and Canadian DNS records on different timescales.

I see both domains now pointing to Bravenet but both unconfigured. You now need to complete the setup through your Bravenet account.

Re: 2 domains pointing to one website, diff errors

Thanks so much Peter! I never even thought about the US and Canada...sheesh, makes total sense! I am not sure what is left to do on Bravenet as I have added both the domains, made the .com as the Primary and all three show up under the Pro Service Manager. I can't find anything else I am supposed to do. If you happen to have any advice on this I would appreciate that as well. This is my first time hosting with Bravenet so I may have missed something.

Thanks again Peter!!

Re: 2 domains pointing to one website, diff errors

The message suggests that you haven't added the domain correctly.

There is a chance that you did the "add" before the names were propagated, the wiki suggests that this would be a problem. Try removing the mapping and redoing it.

Failing that I would suggest raising a support ticket.