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Google can't crawl - DNS error

Although my site ( is optimised for search engines it is not showing up in search results. I use Google Webmaster Tools and it is giving me the following message in the 'dashboard' of my site.

"Googlebot did not crawl your URL because we couldn’t communicate with the DNS server, or because your server had no entry for your site. This could be because the server is down, or because there’s an issue with the DNS routing to your domain. Please check back later. If this problem persists, check with your DNS provider (often, but not always, your web hoster)."

There is clearly something that I need to do at the 'Bravenet' end but I do not understand what.........

I have raised a support ticket and have been told that Bravenet do not support search engine queries yet it is really a DNS problem that I don't understand.

If anyone can help with some information which will allow Google to crawl my site I would be most grateful.

Re: Google can't crawl - DNS error

Your site is indexed in both Google and Bing, a search on the exact domain name will prove that. It sounds as if this was a temporary glitch which you can probably ignore.

If there was a permanent DNS issue nobody would be able to see the site.

You don't seem to have a decent ranking in either search engine, check your webmaster tools account to make sure that your location is set to UK as they would otherwise default your location to Canada.

Re: Google can't crawl - DNS error

I am facing the same issue since last 2 days. It says: Couldn’t communicate with the DNS server.

Can you help me out with this issue.

Re: Google can't crawl - DNS error

Works for me from the UK. If you have a continuing problem you should contact your own registrar.