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Transfer domain

I want to transfer my domain back to a previous service.
To update my DNS and Bravesites won't let me do that for 60 days...what do I do
I need the site to come up it's for a church I work for.

Re: Transfer domain

OK, according to a WhoIs request that domain is brand new, only registered a week ago.

You cannot transfer a domain to another registrar for 60 days after registration. That is nothing to do with Bravenet, it is a rule set by ICANN which is the organisation responsible for all .com domains. You can read the rules covering transfer between registrars here

You don't need to transfer registration of your domain to Bravenet in order to use it with a site registered here. It is covered in the wiki here although all it seems to say is to raise a support ticket. Remember that you can only use your own domain name if you have a paid hosting account.