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domain issues

I purchased last September and it still has not come up in my domains. I looked into archived transactions and it said no transaction had been made, but I still have my receipt from paypal of September 2013 for $75.00. What do I do from here?

Re: domain issues

Last September?

The domain is registered to Lynn Bledsoe from Birmingham, Alabama. The domain is is registered through Bravenet but hasn't been linked to a website.

If you registered the domain under that name then my first guess is that you have created two Bravenet accounts. It happens from time to time when somebody signs up for a second Bravenet service that they go through the whole account opening procedure again rather than use there existing account.

The quickest way to sort it out is simply to raise a support ticket.

Re: domain issues

I just took a second look at this and realised that the domain was registered in 2005, not last September.

Did you buy the name from Bravenet or from somebody else?