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Domain renewed but still not showing

My domain just expired 2 days ago and I have renewed it but when people go to site it still shows expired but says this now This domain name expired on Jan 10 2015 03:36PM.

Plus also i have premium hosting I thought by the description the domain was free but i am having to continue to paying for a separate domain fee.

Re: Domain renewed but still not showing

A Domain and hosting are 2 separate items and you pay for both

Re: Domain renewed but still not showing

OK, you let your domain name expire and then renewed it.

All the ISPs will have dropped it from their DNS records the second it expired.
Bravenet will have published the renewal when it happened but the ISPs will restore it to their DNS records when they choose. That may be within the hour or the next day or even longer. The rule of thumb when I started was to allow 72 hours for a name to be propagated across the web.

I see your site. If you are still having a problem try clearing your temporary internet files as the error page may be cached by your browser.

Its best to renew a domain about a week before it expires.