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My domain has expired... :'(

Hi! My domain expired without me realising it, and now I can't see anywhere in my account where I can renew it. Surely it's not dead forever?

Please help, if you know how I can get my domain back! I am probably being stupid and looking in the wrong place :-s



Re: My domain has expired... :'(

A lot depends on when the domain expired. If you had given us the name somebody could have checked for you.

A lot of people have more than one Bravenet account.
A lot of people who have hosting at Bravenet forget that the domain was registered 5 years previously through a different company.

Going forward make sure that all accounts have current email addresses registered and that those providers are in your spam filter's safe list. If relying on auto renewal don't forget that credit card numbers usually change when a card expires or is otherwise replaced which also invalidates the auto renewal.