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my domains

hi team

I registered more than domain from bravenet and i add them to blogspot but all of them not working without www like that :
but if we wright the domain like that it working :
so I want to make it working with www and without it

how I can do it ?

Re: my domains

pls reply

Re: my domains

The only people here who can answer will be those who also have domains pointing to Blogspot. Most Bravenet customers with domain names will have bought them to use with Bravehost or Bravesites.

A look at the Blogspot help (once you get past the missing links on the main Google help page) suggests that the issue is with the way that you have set up your cname record but it also looks as if the instructions that Blogspot give are explicitly for the www subdomain not for the main domain name.

Re: my domains

Is your problem solved ?

Re: my domains

Hardly anybody posts back to say if their problem was solved. I think that most don't even come back to see if it has been answered!