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Forgot how to configure my domain

My domain was previously configured until I deleted my website to upload a complete new version. Now when I type in the url my browser displays "no match found domain is not configured". I have searched thru this forum for info on how to configure my domain, but do not find anything and can't recall how I did it before (5 years ago). I did record the password so I do have a password for it. Any elp would be appreciated, my website has been down for 4 days.

Re: Forgot how to configure my domain

Are both the domain name and website managed by Bravenet?

Re: Forgot how to configure my domain


Re: Forgot how to configure my domain

"No match was found. Domain is not configured. If you are seeing this and did configure, or start using this domain for a website, please check back as it may take a few hours to become fully active as domains take time to propagate."

I'm not sure how to configure mt site. My situation is exactly like the one in OP above. Please help.

Thank you!