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domain transfer away from bravenet


I want to transfer my domain away from bravenet, please can you tell me what the transfer authorisation code is that I need to give to my new provider.

Many thanks

Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

Hi Darren,

Log into your Bravenet Account.
Click the 'Domains' tab.
Click the domain name you wish to transfer.
Click 'manage domain secret code'.

That is the code you need to transfer your domain.

Your domain must be unlocked to transfer.

Hope this helps.


Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

I am still very confused about this. My transfer request has more to do with simplifying my life than any problem with Bravenet. GoDaddy is handling my domain names and they have tried to request this transfer to them but it keeps bouncing. The email they are using is not even the email associated with the account. I can't figure out why this is happening. This web site name is not even active. I tried putting in a ticket, no response. I tried calling Bravenet and had to leave a message. So any help is appreciated. I am a long time customer and up until now have been very happy.

Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

Hi Bill,

Please log into your Bravenet account to check your ticket for a reply.

Thank you,

Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

Please I want to transfer a domain away from bravenet. Please how do I achieve this?

Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

What problems have you had with following the instructions given above?

Re: domain transfer away from bravenet

Hi Sunny!

Domain transfers are initiated by the reseller that will be receiving the domain name. You must request the transfer at their end, assuming the domain to be transferred is unlocked and transferrable and you have the EPP code to allow the domain to transfer.

When a domain transfer request is made, the domain registry will request approval for the transfer from the domain's administrative contact. That means they'll send an email to the admin contact email address, and they must receive a positive (approved) response to that notification for the transfer to continue.

I would advise you contact the support team or help center of the reseller/company you are transferring the domain TO, and seek their assistance on how to initiate the transfer request.