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Would like to renew

I have been the Executive Director of this small NGO for one and a half years now, and I know that our domain name - - is due to expire soon. It was set up by my predecessor, and I have attempted to make email contact with the agent listed under "whois", but with no luck. I still have access to the yahoo account that was in use at the time that the domain name was set up, but when I try that to request the password, it apparently is not the one that was used to register the domain name. I'm not sure what else to try to prove that I am now the person who is responsible. Do I need to simply wait until the current registration expires and then re-register as a "new" domain name - this would make me nervous! Thanks for your help!

Re: Would like to renew

All we can ask is that you continue to attempt contact with the person listed as the registrant of the domain to resolve this.