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Mailing List: Message ("Campaign") attachments

I have some 70 Club members subscribed to our Mailing List.
I send out GROUP messages a few times a month using the Mailing List "Campaigns" button (s).
How do I add an 'attachment' to such mailings?
For example, I have a PDF file (a single page..a 'poster') that I want to include in/with the messsage. I don't see any provision (or icon) to let me add such a thing.
No luck in the Forum SEARCH.

Re: Mailing List: Message ("Campaign") attachments

Short answer, you can't.

There are a number of good reasons for not permitting this and you are unlikely to find a service provider that will support it on a mailing list.

In any event an attachment on a bulk mail out is considered a spam indicator by many firewalls. You would be far better advised to upload the PDF to your website and provide a link on the email.