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Email List

Please tell me how I can receive a copy of my email list? I've tried several times by requesting list be sent to my email address, but I get nothing and nothing in my spam folder! Please send me a copy of my list to email address referenced above in some type of readable format. Thank you.

Re: Email List

Just tested the process and it works for me.

First double check that you have the correct address registered as the contact address for you account.

Make sure that your spam filter is actually sending spam to the spam folder and not deleting it immediately. Also check any filter settings to make sure that you are not redirecting the message somewhere else.

If you download your emails and your email provider also gives a webmail option then you need to check the webmail junk folder as well as the junk folder on your email reader.

If your contact address is at Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or AOL then it is possible that they simply refused to deliver the message. All these providers have a reputation for non delivery of automatically generated emails, not even to the spam folder.

Re: Email List

I upgraded my membership today and then tried to send a long-overdue message to my list (WHERE ANGELS WALK newsletter.) I didn't see the preview anywhere, so I clicked on the official newsletter. I don't think either of them went through. And I cant tell by the total sent because it doesn't look like anyone on the list read it. How can I start sending again?