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Invitations to join not being received

I have the Bravenet Pro package.

I've been waiting for 20 people who are left in my pending box to confirm subscription to my mailing list. I have contacted each one of them and each of them say they are continually checking their email inbox and also their junk folder but have received no invitation. They are impatient to join and I've resent their invites 5 times now but they still do not receive them. Can anyone help me please?

Re: Invitations to join not being received

From the description and the email address quoted in your post I would guess that you are using a Hotmail account as your registered address with Bravenet.

It is well over 5 years since I tested the mailing list service but, assuming no changes, Bravenet send the invites out in your name as that is what the recipients are expecting. This is a perfectly legitimate way of doing things, the email system is designed to let you send messages from anywhere. However, because of massive abuse by spammers, the main webmail providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL) won't accept messages from Hotmail addresses unless they have been sent through a Hotmail server.

By "not accept" I mean that they don't even let them in to check if they are spam or genuine so they can never end up in a junk mail folder.

Never try to manage a mailing list through Hotmail, it gives you far too much grief as I found out years ago.

Re: Invitations to join not being received

Thanks for your advice,Peter. Much appreciated.