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I am not getting emails


I am not getting my emails even sender is receiving the message that my mailbox is full. Please respond on my email

Please do needful as soon as possible.



Re: I am not getting emails

And is your mailbox full?

Re: I am not getting emails

Then the issue is that the email inbox is full, and it must be cleared to be able to receive more.

Re: I am not getting emails

Is there a way increase mailbox size? What is maximum mailbox size in bravenet?

Re: I am not getting emails

We are now getting this problem on one of our email accounts. We have deleted messages from inbox and emptied delted file but we still aren't getting emails.

Any help would be appreciated



Re: I am not getting emails

I don't know how Bravenet works but it is probable that the space isn't physically released until their overnight housekeeping runs. If the problem hasn't cleared after 24 hours raise a support ticket.

Re: I am not getting emails

How do I empty full mailbox?

Since I cannot receive emails, PLEASE call toll-free at 855 506-0753.

Or FAX to 805 648-4618

Thank you!

Don Parker

Re: I am not getting emails

I am guessing that you are downloading with SMTP but haven't set it to delete the emails after download. You should be able to use webmail to log in and clear out the old messages. See the posts above regarding possible time delay before the space is released.

If you have problems using webmail then raise a support ticket. Make a note of the ticket number and check online for the response.

Personally I never rely on a single email address. I have duplicate accounts for both business and personal use.