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Max number of emails per day before being blacklisted

What is the maximum number of emails (same email) that could be sent per day (without using mailing lists) not to blacklisted or the email filtered out as spam?

Re: Max number of emails per day before being blacklisted

How long is a piece of string?

Multiple factors are used in determining if an email is spam and this will differ between recipient companies and also on what company the email is sent from, and if recipients start explicitly clicking on the "junk mail" button.

You quote a Hotmail address, they will restrict you on volumes sent out. A lot of providers will match a Hotmail source to other indicators. For example NEVER use Hotmail for invoicing, about half will not be delivered.

Re: Max number of emails per day before being blacklisted

Assuming you mean sending emails from email accounts you have registered through Bravenet (or by sending emails by PHP code), you will be rate-limited to 100 emails an hour. If you try to send more than that, 100 will be sent and the rest will arrive in our "mail queue", where they will slowly be sent out per your 100/hour rate.

We do not automatically blacklist customer email, but our network administration department will manually suspend any accounts that appear to be sending unsolicited bulk mail. As such I would advise opening a support ticket at and notifying us if you're going to be sending out large quantities of email frequently, especially if many of the emails are similar.