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Auto reponder problem

Hi i created an autoresponder message wich gives informations to my subs when they opt in. But i saw that it doesnt show on anybodys inbox, like If the email was never sent. But they do receive my newsletter the problem is the "thank you" autoreponder. Whats the problem?

Re: Auto reponder problem

Is it definite that nobody is getting the message or is it a case of some are and some aren't?

The former would be a problem with the set up while the latter would be a problem with the recipient's email. Remember that a lot of email providers (including yours) put blocks on a variety of automatically generated messages.

Re: Auto reponder problem

Just to add to my previous post:
If you are testing don't rely on sending to one webmail service such as Outlook/Hotmail, you do need to use several different service providers when testing covering both one or more major webmail providers and ISP provided email.

This is necessary because there are so many things that can go wrong at the recipients' end.