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anti-spam legislation (Canada)

How can we send a message to our mailing list so every contact we have can confirm they agree to be part of our mailing list in order to be conform to the new Canadian law about anti-spam.

WE need a proof taht our contact agree to receive our news letter and we don't know how to send a link so they can just click and confirm there inscription or click on another link to unscirbe the mailing list.

Thank you for your help.

Re: anti-spam legislation (Canada)

Are you posting about the Bravenet mailing list webapp or about a list that you have built and run yourself?

Re: anti-spam legislation (Canada)

Our organisation is using Bravenet service to send our newsletter every month to our mailing list.

Re: anti-spam legislation (Canada)

From my reading the double opt-in process used in Bravenet mailing lists appears to be fully compliant. THIS IS NOT A LEGAL OPINION

Going forward you need to make it clear that people are signing up for a regular newsletter and provide a clear cancellation option including a link in each newsletter.