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Inbox and Sent Emails Totally Disappear

Bravenet hosts our email account I did not realize that our emails in and out only exist on the Bravenet server and apparently Bravenet has lost every last one of them. In addition, our email account is down. We do all of our business on the Internet and this has been disastrous for us...and we have gotten absolutely no response out of Bravenet. I noted in my recent research that Bravenet is located on a college it some kind of student project that has wound up now that spring is here? Is Bravenet a real company? We are a real company and Bravenet is doing great harm to us and will not respond to our emails or phone calls. Our account was set up by our IT guy and I guess that he did not know that Bravenet is not a legitimate operation. What is going on!?!