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Multiple e-lists

I have multiple sites on Bravenet and would like to have a different mailing list for each. I don't see an option for multiple elists...

Am I not looking in the correct place or is it not available?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Multiple e-lists

webapps are per account not per site.

If you want additional elists you need to register additional accounts. There is no problem about having multiple accounts. I originally registered three in order to get free hit counters on every page of my first site.

Re: Multiple e-lists


That makes too much sense! LOL
Thanks Peter!

Re: Multiple e-lists

When you say "accounts", does that mean you have to pay for each one?
the reason i ask is because i want 2 different mailing lists - but i sure dont want to pay twice!

Re: Multiple e-lists

I was able to successfully establish an alternate mailer by registering a second (free) account.
I did not have to pay for it. It has such minor limitations they're negligible.

Hope this helps!

Re: Multiple e-lists

Thank you so much for your quick reply! (i searched the site but could not find the answer).
Was the second account mailing list limited to 500 subscribers like it is for the free account? (i'm planning on getting the Pro soon, which allows for 3,000 to 150,000 subscribers).