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"subscribe" link

When the folks I have invited to my newsletter e-mail list click to confirm, they are taken to a Bravenet page which offers dozens and dozens of items but nowhere on the page tells them thank you, you are subscribed. They then go back to the email to remove themselves from the list, fearing they've been phished. Would it be possible to add the words, "Thank you for subscribing, here are some other things that might interest you" or some other such notification to reassure them they haven't been hacked?

Re: "subscribe" link

That happens because you haven't specified a "thank you page"

From the wiki

How do I change the Thank You page subscribers are sent to after joining my Mailing List?

1. Log into your Bravenet account
2. Click on the Web Apps tab
3. Click on "Mailing List" in your list of Web Tools
4. Click on the link "General Settings"
5. Click on the tab "Redirects"
6. In the "Thank You Page" section, enter the address of the page you would like visitors to be sent to after they have confirmed their subscription
7. Click the button "Save"

You can define separate pages for people to see when they first subscribe and when they opt in.