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forwarding emails.

If this is the wrong forum for this post I apologise, and maybe you could advise me as to which would be the correct on to pose the query in.

Having just transfered our domain to Bravenet, is there any way that I can continue to get mails sent to our email address. ie.i could emails sent to me at our address registered with bravenet be forwarded to another address until we get a new website up and running with you.


Re: forwarding emails.

That is pretty standard functionality. Raise a support ticket to get step by step instructions on the Bravenet interface.

Re: forwarding emails.

Thnk you for the reply Peter, appreciated

Re: forwarding emails.

I have the same question, and will also file a support case for this. Were you able to get this functionality?

Re: forwarding emails.

You can create a forwarder by following these directions in your Bravenet account:

1. Click on the "email" tab near the top of the page
2. Click on "New Email Forwarder"
3. Enter your new email address
4. Enter the forward to address
5. Click on "create email forwarder"

Re: forwarding emails.

Wondering if there's a way to have a forwarding email turned on AND also capture the incoming emails to the BraveHost address as well.

Also wondering if there's a way to set up rules to forward certain senders' emails forward but not all emails...