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Bravemailer down, cost me a client

I am getting frustrated with this service, today the bravemailer went down for 2pm. I had a job offer, which i was in the midst of responding too when bravemail went down. Guess what happened? The client went with individual who responded first. I want out. How do I transfer my site to somewhere more reliable?

Re: Bravemailer down, cost me a client

Unfortunately per the notice on our help page today, we had a 25 minute downtime due to critical server maintenance. This did not affect the BraveMailer service, but did cause downtime for FTP Hosting and email.

We maintain 99% uptime and deeply apologize for any inconvenience for our members. Maintenance work is at times necessary to prevent much more extensive downtime or problems for our members.

If you are experiencing problems with your BraveMailer service or would like further assistance, please open a support ticket so that we can provide assistance. You have not included any contact information with your post.