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Cannot edit HTML newsletter

cannot edit HTML newsletter or create new one

I have been using and sending HTML newsletters through the free Bravenet elist service for a long time without any trouble by simply calling up my old newsletter, editing, saving, and sending.
Since a few days I cannot edit my newsletter anymore. I click 'edit' and the page goes to the background with my only option opening at the top of the page saying: 'save changes' or 'close' only to return to my newsletter, no other options!

Can anyone help me solve the problem or tell me whats wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give.

I am using a iMac MAC OS X

Re: Cannot edit HTML newsletter

For me it is the same. The same error. I'm using Chrome.

Re: Cannot edit HTML newsletter

We have been testing this and can't seem to duplicate the problem.

This may be due to an internet security program / firewall setting, or browser toolbar / plugin. We suggest checking your settings for any such program, and trying with another browser to see if the issue is browser specific.