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Newsletter sender failed fraud detection

I added a subscription box to my website and tested it. I opened the 'confirm subscription' email in my hotmail outlook inbox and it had the message, "Be careful! This sender has failed our fraud detection checks" right above where you have to click to confirm subscription.

Does anyone know why, and how can i fix this problem. Thank you.

Re: Newsletter sender failed fraud detection

Hotmail has very agressive filtering which results in a lot of false positives in their spam detection.

It will all depend on the address that you have registered for your Bravenet account. If Hotmail thinks that the Bravenet IP address is not an appropriate one for the "from" email address then it will see it as a "problem".

Frankly, when I ran a mailing list of around 200 clients I gave up on third party services and did the processing by hand. It was just too much trouble to keep trying to fix every possible issue with every possible email provider.

Re: Newsletter sender failed fraud detection

Thanks Peter for the response. I thought i had messed up the whole process somehow. I'm now thinking of generating a newsletter through my usual email account instead. The last thing i need is to scare my clients away.

Re: Newsletter sender failed fraud detection

I use Pegasus as my email client for mailouts. Its free and you can either use the internal mailing list function or keep your mailing list on a csv file and use mailmerge.

Its wonderfully easy to use.

Do check that your email provider doesn't impose a cap on the number of recipients for a message. I have to use the email server provided by my web host as I can't send to more than 50 through my ISP.