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unsubscribe from newsletter

I had no intention of subscribing to this feature. I hope I'm not being charged while I try to unsubscribe.
Bravenet help has become a three ring circus in my experience. I clicked on the Elist button because I have been trying every option in hopes of learning how to get my website back online. I did not intend to subscribe to a newsletter.

I have another support ticket open just for trying to get my website back up and running. It has been down for a week because I deleted the (website) old files (I had the original and a second update with a different file name, but that was too many files). I had problems uploading the new files but finally with tech support help was able to accomplish that. Although it takes several days to get enough info to accomplish most anything because the answers are too brief. Still trying to find any instructions/explanations I can understand on how to "configure" my (sub) domain because currently the domain I purchased and have been using for 5 years is also listed as my website. Typing in the url I had registered gives a "domain is not configured" error response. There is surprisingly little info available in tutorials, articles, the wiki and forums about the steps to "configure" especially when I am trying to "reconfigure" back to what I had. I purchased a domain and am paying for pro hosting so I wouldn't have to keep changing the identity of my website - been with Bravenet since about 2008, so far.

Re: unsubscribe from newsletter

If you want to delete a webapp just log in to your account, click on the elist tab and scroll down. You will see an unsubscribe option.

Re: unsubscribe from newsletter

Thanks for the information.