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Email Error - quota exceeded

When trying to send an email to a group (using Bravenet in Outlook) I am receiving a message from the System Administrator which reads...
Server error: '450 4.7.1 : Recipient address rejected: Policy rejection; Message count quota exceeded'
Any suggestions?

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded


That sounds as if you are posting about your Bravenet mailbox not about the Bravemailer web app.

I would guess that Bravenet puts a limit on the number of recipients you can have on one message. This is a standard procedure by a number of email providers.

Mailboxes are only available with paid hosting so you can raise a ticket if you still have a problem.

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

I'm having the same problem.
I have different emails so after while I could send mails but again the same exact message and couldn't send more mails.

Any idea how many addresses per mail can be ad and how many mails a day can be sent ???

This is pretty annoying when we need to send information to collaborators...

Thanks in advance.

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

Email is rate limited to 100/hr due to spamming and floods of abusive email. If you batch or queue mail, it can help prevent hitting this limit.

If a higher limit is needed, please open a support ticket with this inquiry and a little more information about the volume being sent as well as your content.

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

I am having the same problem. I have been having it for about 2 weeks, first noticed it on Valentine's Day. I have an email recipient list of 200 that I send a weekly email to. I just tried reducing the recipients by dozens at a time, each time trying to send. I can only send a message if I have ONE recipient. How am I supposed to run an email list like that? These are people that signed up for the weekly email and expect to get it.
Please help!


Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

If you have the "same problem" you are telling us that you are using Outlook to send and email to 200 recipients.

Your best bet would be to switch to using the Mailing List product although that would require your recipients to explicitly opt in.

Alternitively try a different email client such as Pegasus (free) which has far better functions for handling mailing lists.

All email providers get touchy about emails to large numbers of recipients as it is too easy to end up on a spam blacklist and have all your customers blocked.

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

Peter is correct. We urge all mailing lists to use the Mailing List Service. Mass mailings through personal emails can and has lead to our mailservers being blacklisted before.

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

How many addresses are considered excessive? I received this error when I sent to eight addressees

Re: Email Error - quota exceeded

Using Bravenet's mailing list product or your own email?
Blocked by your own email provider or by the recipients'?

For outgoing emails contact the provider directly. If Bravenet you can raise a support ticket.

If it is the receiving email provider then it varies.

AOL have always had a bad reputation for having a low tolerance over inbound mailings targetting multiple customers. BTConnect have tightened up their spam filters and I had a lot of bounces earlier this month from a mailing list that has been running for nearly 7 years.