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elist problem

I was entering new e-mail addresses when someone called & said she received a message for an Auction to be held on Saturday March 30 at 11:45, 2013 at the Theresa Lodge (which isn't even in business anymore!) I did not compose any message.
Where did this message originate from. All I was doing was adding new contacts.
Please advise as to what is going one.
I hope this message was not sent out to others!
Kate Handrich

Re: elist problem

I don't know how the system works but can others hack (compromise) your email address.
Due to a lot of unusual activity on my email account it was closed by the provider until I changed my password and now I have to fill out a captcha to be able to send mail. so I have created a new one
Just a thought your email could have been got at

Re: elist problem

You would need to analyse the underlying message headers to determine that.(Not all email clients give that as an option). That would be the only way to see if the message had been sent from your elist, your own machine or from elsewhere.

Typically spam messages have the "from" address spoofed but it is worth running a full virus check on your own machine just in case and change the passwords with your hosting service.

Re: elist problem

I'm sorry I am in the dark and do not understand, what are underlying messages?
All I was doing was adding e-mail addresses to new contacts

Re: elist problem

You may have somehow sent the message or it might have been some spam which just happened to be sent at the same time.

The message headers are not normally displayed and contain technical information about how the email was routed from its source to its destination. A study of these is the only way to verify where an email actually came from. The "from" address on an email can be set to any value you like.

There also is a possibility that either your email account has been hacked or that your PC has been infected with malware. To be safe run a virus checker and change your passwords.