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Subscriber getting Unsubuscribe Email

One of my subscribers emailed me and said today, after I sent my newsletter, she received the email for her to confirm Unsubscribe from the newsletter. The problem is she never did Unsubscribe, nor does she want to. She said this is the 2nd time this has happened.

Any idea why this would happen?

Re: Subscriber getting Unsubuscribe Email

Anybody can enter her email address in the box, thats why the confirmation email is needed.

I guess that the email address might be used by more than one family member and the other one doesn't realise that she wants your newsletter.

Re: Subscriber getting Unsubuscribe Email

Duh! I never thought of that. She also told me she forwards my email to lots of other people. Could be one of those doesn't want it and tries to Unsubscribe.

Thanks for the reply!