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Adding logo/pictures to newsletters

I am trying to create an HTML newsletter but when I do preview, my text is different sizes and it does not display the logo. I had created in MS Word and saved as HTML and then cut/pasted code into the editor. Any help, direction appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Adding logo/pictures to newsletters

I sense a lack of understanding of how graphics work on the net. The image isn't inserted into the email when you send it, the html code tells the recipient to retrieve it separately from the web. The code create by Word tells them to ignore the web and look on their own C drives as Word saved it on your C drive.

Once you have created a file containing the logo you need to upload it to a web server. Typically this would be to your own web host. The logo needs to be saved as an image in jpg, gif or tif format.

Once you have done that you need to compose code to reference the image at the uploaded location. Your newsletter software may help, I haven't looked at this service for at least 5 years so I can't remember what it looks like (and its probably changed anyway).