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default email subject

It's too easy to accidentally leave "my newsletter" as the email subject. And it's kind of lame having "my newsletter" turn up as the subject of my emails. I'd rather get prompted to change it just before sending or at least be able to set a different default. Is there a way to do this? Or where can I ask for this feature to be improved?

Re: default email subject

Before sending your newsletter there is a box that says "Email Subject Line:" in that box, change it from My Newsletter to whatever you like.


Re: default email subject

Sorry, but you've missed my point. I'm saying that the implementation of that feature is error prone and just awful. I spent hours on a group email yesterday, went through and changed the subject, then had to return to the HTML editor to correct an error. When I came back to send it my change to the subject was gone and lame old "my newsletter" went out to all my subscribers.

At least let us set our own default subject so we don't stuck with "my newsletter" by accident. Or actually prompt for a change to the subject before sending.

Re: default email subject

I absolutely agree. It should at least retain the last subject entered.