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Mailing List creator

Your new emailer service is not allowing me to edit my newsletter. When I enter to edit, it allows me to change/enter the information but only lets me CANCEL, the SAVE button is not there - it was there yesterday. Today it is gone. I would like to get my newsletter out for September 1 and now it isn't going to happen.

Re: Mailing List creator

Is the button still missing?
Can you paste me the URL of the page you having troubles with.


Re: Mailing List creator

I am having a similar problem. I am trying to do my newsletter for the mail list I make the entry but when I click save, the message comes up "saved failed" and the save button disappears. The url is

Re: Mailing List creator

It started working again. I completed my newsletter and it looked absolutely perfect in the editor and went out totally screwed up - and issue I have tried to complain about before. I have been using this service for several years now and never had this issue with some of the links being underling and some not; the jumbled up spacing, crunching the lines together in some, not in others. Looks like crap.
As I said, I have complained before and was treated very shabbily here, this is a serious issue for your mailing list service. You must have some kind of cross browser compatibility issue or I don't know what. I get this sent to a yahoo mail, my private email and to a Yahoo list. It used to be perfect on my old private email, now that is changed and it comes through on the new one just as messed up. It is very disappointing to put so much work into something and it turns out a mess. So now Bravenet turn around and try and blame it on me again....instead of addressing the problem.

Re: Mailing List creator

I can't edit either ???

I am unable to edit my newsletter.

My pages just won't let me do anything when I click the "edit" button except for one. It then resorts back to the front page of bravenetmailer. Very odd.

You can see my posting below this one titled
- Create / Send HTML Email No Longer Works

I hope to also get it working as I want to mail my customers

Re: Mailing List creator

Hi Cheryl,

I have had a look at your Newsletter and noticed a couple things that may be causing your grief.

One thing, it looks like you are pasting some of your content from a program such as Microsoft word. This may be why you see some weird things like "‎" or weird spacing issues. It is strongly recommend to never copy and paste from Word.

We can not control the content that member's place in the newsletters, especially if you are entering any HTML at all. I suggest checking out this website here, it shows you the support for CSS in email clients.

As you can see all email clients treat email differently. There is nothing we can do about this here at Bravenet. We run into the same issues with our own emails.

You will see in that link that some email clients support some things while other do not - such as padding and margin for spacing - that is treated differently by each client.

We do our best, but we can not guarantee that your newsletter is going to look exactly the same in every mail client. Again, we also can not control any HTML you enter. It is going to appear more squished in some and more padded in others.

Another link you may find helpful:


Re: Mailing List creator

Funny how those weird spacing issues only come up from your editor. I have been doing this newsletter for many, many years and I have been wanting to upgrade it to professional but I can't when it messes it up like this. I am not copying from word documents - I am building webpages and linking to them from the newsletter. It looks quite lovely in the editor, all perfect and then I email and the crap shoot begins.

This never occurred with your service until your previous upgrade of the elist - and I mean it NEVER occurred.

Quit trying to pass the buck back to me. I had this whole debate with you people while my Mother was dying of brain cancer. I told you then and I tell you now - there is a problem with your service. Stick you head back in the sand and deny it all you want - you have a PROBLEM and a BIG ONE AT THAT with this service.

Your attitude is unhelpful and, yet again, you have not listened to me at all, or fixed the issue, and it is obvious that you have no interest or concern about fixing it. I mean why would Bravenet want to put out a useful service that works - I mean why? Go ahead and keep on thinking that you are right - I mean you are a big old company and I am just a piece of **** to you. I knew that the last two times I tried to get Bravenet to do something about it.


Re: Mailing List creator

While your response was interesting and it pointed out some potential troubles, it does not answer the question on why we cannot save our newsletters. I type directly into the boxes and it still gives me the "saved failed" error message and the save button disappears . The question is how is bravenet going to fix this issue. I understand that right now I am a free customer but why should even consider paying when the program is not working?


Re: Mailing List creator

Hi Thomas,

The issue with the save buttons is different from that above. We are working to fix that issue and should have it resolved ASAP.

The issue doesn't seem to happen, at least not as often, in IE and FireFox - in the meantime perhaps you could try a different browser while we work to resolve the issue. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.