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Unable to delete emails/member from list

Hello. Am currently having a problem managing subscribers. I have a few emails that are bouncing for email accts not existing. Previously I was able to go in, look them up by email address, and delete them.

Now, they won't delete. I can click the delete button but nothing happens. Have experienced this in FF and in IE. When I click on it, nothing happens. When I hover over the button, my cursor switches to 'working' status. But again, if I click - nothing.

Also, currently have a member who is trying to unsubscribe herself unable to do so, she reports it's not working [and is rather upset]. I am unable to delete her either.

Please let me know how to work around this, or fix it, have tried it in two browsers with no results. I need to be able to remove people when needed [esp when they can't, apparently, remove themselves].

Thanks for your help.

Re: Unable to delete emails/member from list


I have tried to duplicate this issue and can not. I hope you don't mind I even added myself to your mailing list and removed myself without any trouble.

Can you let me know if this is still an issue? If it is, can you please open a support ticket and post what email addresses you are trying to remove and we can text them for you as well. If you could also post the exact steps you are taking that would be helpful.


Re: Unable to delete emails/member from list

Thanks for your help. I did see where you'd joined and see now that you're not a member. One of the folks who wanted off seems to have managed to unsubscribe in the mean time as well.

I found out where the problem is by playing around some more, as you said you got it to work.

If I go to 'Manage Contacts' and let the page populate, then scroll to the email addy, select it, then select 'delete selected' I am able to remove the email from the list. I tried this with one that's been bouncing for awhile. Which is good because now I can remove people!

What I was doing, and what still isn't working, is deleting an addy by searching for it. What I was doing was from the main Elist service web page I was clicking 'Manage Contacts' by the graph. Then I did a search by email address. Once it came up, I selected it and hit 'delete selected' and on that page/that button nothing happened when I clicked, and still won't.

So thanks for your comment because otherwise it wouldn't have occurred to me [even if it should have sooner] that there is more than one way to remove folks.

Re: Unable to delete emails/member from list

My question is on somewhat of a tangent to this...I recently visited a Bravenet website and signed a guestbook. Unfortunately, I discovered after the fact that my email address is now publicly visible.

This is a major safety / privacy issue for me, and I need to find out what I can do to remove my identifying details from the site. The owner of the guestbook has a statement that she is unable to respond to the messages personally, so I assume that she is unable to be contacted. What can I do? Also, could Bravenet please consider making guestbook email addresses visible only to the recipient (the blog owner) as opposed to the wider public?

Many thanks for any help you can offer!