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Reply address not changing

Hey guys n gals,

I set up a mail list for a friend of mine and have it all working nicely. I used my details to start with so that test emails would be sent to me but now I'm looking to change it because whenever we send out a newsletter replies are coming to me and the address showing up is mine rather than my friends.

Sadly my friend said she did change it (I sent her instructions since it needed verified in her email) but the changes haven't actually happened.

The place we are changing the address is Bravemailer Control Panel -> Mailing List Settings -> Reply Email Address.

Anyone any advice?

Re: Reply address not changing

As a work around I tried removing the address as it says "When you send email messages to your list, this is the email address that your subscribers can reply to. If you leave this blank, they will reply to the email address in your account profile." but sadly when you try and save it says that this field needs input!

Also I can't edit my previous post despite being in the time limit. I just get a message saying Thread Is Locked.